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First release of houses, townhomes and apartments schedule for 2022.

DOMA is pleased to have been selected by the ACT Government as the successful tenderer to develop the Canberra Brickworks Precinct in Yarralumla.

The Brickworks site is an important piece of Canberra’s history. The red bricks built the city’s oldest homes and were famously produced at the Brickworks site, as were bricks for the original Parliament House. It is vital to DOMA we preserve and respect the site’s heritage while opening it up to the Canberra community.  

The 16.1-hectare site is approved for a maximum of 380 residential dwellings in a mix of stand-alone houses, terraces and apartments.

With the site size, DOMA are  approaching the Brickworks as a landscaping project that happens to include beautiful, boutique, low density homes. A significant proportion of the site will be earmarked for parks, green space and a lake that will be accessible by all, not just precinct residents.

Opening the precinct to the community is a priority as it will continue to house historic buildings which will either be adaptively refurbished or preserved as relics in place. DOMA want to ensure locals and tourists alike can visit our past and learn more about the history of our city. 



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