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DOMA is pleased to have exchanged contracts with the ACT Government for the purchase and development of the Canberra Brickworks Precinct in Yarralumla. 

“The Brickworks site is an important piece of Canberra’s history,” DOMA Managing Director, Jure Domazet said. “Amongst many fired clay products, it produced the Old Canberra Red bricks that the city’s oldest homes and buildings were built with, including Old Parliament House. 

“Our masterplan preserves and respect the site’s heritage, while opening it up to the Canberra community once again.”

The 16.1-hectare site will contain 380 residential dwellings in a mix of houses, terraces and apartments. Most of the existing structures will be retained and repurposed into commercial and retail spaces or else left as interesting relics evidencing the industrial history of the site. “Canberra has very few interesting industrial spaces, but the kilns and associated buildings present an amazing opportunity to be repurposed and enjoyed by the public.” 

“The scale of the site allows us to approach the Brickworks as a landscaping project that happens to include beautiful, boutique, low density dwellings. A significant proportion of the site will be earmarked for parks, green space and a lake that will be accessible by all, not just precinct residents. A collection of some of Australia’s best architecture firms will work collaboratively on the project, but each will be assigned a specific building with an emphasis on high quality design and referencing of the history of the site.” 

A community engagement plan has been formulated with the Suburban Land Agency and the previous consultation with interested parties will continue throughout the development. Doma will continue to liaise with the Community Panel established by the ACT Government, as well as the wider community, to ensure the success of the development. 

David Carey, the DOMA Senior Development Manager for the project, said, “As designs for the buildings are further developed, we will retain a focus on sustainability, ensuring green initiatives are championed and harmonising with existing streetscapes. The development will achieve a 5-star Greenstar Communities rating, including meaningful environmental initiatives that will deliver long-term benefits to its residents. We will create a modern, environmentally-conscious village in Yarralumla that will be enjoyed not only by its residents, but also by Canberrans and visitors alike” 

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